Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, all the Pagans are laughing at the Christians for dressing up!

Just a few random musings for this most sanctified of Pagan holidays. Were you aware that there are billions of dollars of US military aircraft sitting in long term storage at Davis-Monthan AFB? Go to Google Maps, type in Davis Monthan and look at the satellite view. Here is a pic I pulled of a bunch of B-1 Lancers. These multi million dollar aircraft were originally cancelled by the Carter Administration in 1977 in favor of less expensive Cruise Missles. President Reagan reopened the program in 1981. These bombers were designed to deliver a nuclear payload on out dirty Communist enemies, and while I am all about that, their 283.1 Million dollar price tags (yes, that is per plane) has me wondering if we are best served by them sitting in the desert. I am all for a strong defense, heck I think we should be bombing Syria and North Korea as we speak, but before our military is allowed to purchase one more single aircraft, I think someone needs to ask them why there are A-10 Thunderbolts, F-16 Falcons, F-15 Eagles, F/A-18 Hornets and B-1 Lancers sitting in this huge military "used car lot" in Arizona. I understand why we keep a large inventory of older planes there. We have a legitimate need to supply parts for our allies who still use these older aircraft, but why is all the new stuff out there? Someone has to answer for how my tax dollars are being spent!

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