Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Secret Identity?

There have been some questions about why the identities of myself and my family are being kept secret in our pictures. General concensus is that we are really government agents. The truth, as usual, is a lot more mundane, and a little funnier.
I black out the faces in my pictures as kind of a personal joke. You don't know who we are, so we might be your next door neighbors. (if we are, you probably recognized those skinny kids!). Nothing secret or sinister about it.
However, this is the Internet, and I don't necessarily want everyone knowing who we are. Not that I don't trust you all, but frankly...I don't. Wouldn't be much of a Survivalist if I did, huh?
As far as this picture goes...well...let's just say my kids have a very interesting sense of humor.

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