Saturday, March 7, 2009

If you want my vote in 2012...

I am a Libertarian when it comes to politics. I believe that bigger government is not an answer to any scenario. I want to live in a country where economic conservatism is the rule. I want a country that is well defended, but does not seek to push its agenda in other countries through the use of its military. I think the Constitution and the Bill or Rights are documents written and signed in the blood of our forefathers, and the principles outlined in them should be the ultimate law when determining the course of our nation.
Yet in every election since 1992 I have voted Republican. Why? To me, it seemed to be the party most closely aligned with my beliefs that stood a chance of getting elected. In America, a vote for a 3rd party candidate has always seemed to be a futile gesture. But the events of 2008 have pushed me over the edge. The party I had aligned myself with spent 8 years chipping away at what makes our country good and strong, then frittered away any chance at keeping power by running a sub par candidate for President (as much as I admire John McCain for his dedication and service to America, he was simply not the man for the job). Their mismanagement of the office of President has brought about the most frightening thing I have seen in my lifetime. Socialism as national policy. I know I will never vote for a Democrat, but at this point, I cannot see myself ever voting Republican either. And I know I am not alone. I have decided to put forth my beliefs on what the Republicans MUST do to once again become the party of the people, and get my vote.

1. The Republican Party must officially recognize its mismanagement of this country and make amends. Although I admire President Bush’s boldness in his response to the attacks of 9/11, his subsequent actions are a shameful piece of American history. The erosion of our 4th Amendment rights under the Patriot Act is a direct attack on all our Civil Liberties. Our actions in being involved in a deadly, costly and unnecessary war in Iraq have resulted in the loss of American lives and countless trillions of dollars in waste. The lack of response to the current banking and housing crises, when the potential danger was very evident, is simply inexcusable. Republicans must admit that mistakes were made, and must show America that they have learned from those mistakes.

2. The Republican Party must officially recognize the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the penultimate rules and regulations for conducting business as this nations government. It must commit itself to never again allowing, or causing a protection guaranteed by one of these documents to be circumvented, ignored or taken away. This includes such important steps as recognizing that the Second Amendment extends to the individual citizens of this country, and recognizing that many previous administrations have violated the Tenth Amendment in not respecting the sovereignty of the individual States when making Federal Law. It also includes recognizing that religious dogma is best left up to individuals and has no place in crafting governmental policy, however, a clear moral compass is a requirement.

3. The Republican Party must once again assure that it is the party of fiscal conservatism. It should take an economic stand and adopt the proven assumption that economies flourish when the individual is not taxed excessively and is allowed to determine when and how his income will be spent or saved. It should adopt the policy that the function of the government is not to spend money, but to save it. It should adopt an Amendment to the Constitution that requires a balanced Federal budget, accomplished by spending cuts, not tax increases.

4. The Republican Party should commit itself to allowing a free market economy, and to keeping government out of business. The Republican Party should be committed to decreasing, then eliminating any Federal ownership of private banks and lending institutions, stop the current trend of corporate welfare and decrease business taxes as a tool to increase business investment in new jobs, expanded infrastructure and new technology.

5. The Republican Party should commit itself to be the party of reform when it comes to governmental projects and agencies. It should commit to reviewing each and every Federally owned or managed entity to ensure it is being run in an efficient and financially competent manner. It should further commit itself to limiting and the decreasing the size of all Federal Agencies and decreasing, then eliminating entitlement programs such as welfare and farm subsidies.

6. The Republican Party must recognize that the government works at the behest of the individual citizens of this country, and should organize itself, and any administrations it may get into office around this principle. The 2 most important questions an American government must ask itself when making decisions that affect its citizenry are; “Is this allowed by our Constitution?” and “Is this going to benefit the people that I serve?”

If the Republican Party can do this, I would consider supporting them. Until then, I will continue to throw my vote away on 3rd party candidates who, although they will not be elected, at least share my beliefs.

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