Monday, November 9, 2009

How was your weekend?

Normally, I don't look forward to answering this question on Mondays at work. I really don't have a lot to tell. Most of my weekends are pretty tame. Vacuum sealing, gunsmithing and shopping for bulk foods are not great topics of conversation at work anyway. But this Monday I could not wait to tell everyone about my great Bug Out Camping weekend. I made the trek out to Bertram Bucks on Saturday after packing my Bug Out Bag, AR-15, pistol and cooking gear. We headed out for our favorite spot along the creek, set up camp and relaxed. The weather was perfect. Much was discussed, some guns were test fired (especially the new Saiga 12 that Uncle Al put together for BB's wife!) and we had a delicious dinner of BB's famous pork chili. I slept under the stars and listened to the creek sing me to sleep. That lasted about 10 minutes until BB's dog "Puppy", who is a Jack Russel Terrorist took it upon himself to make the rounds and ensure everyone was sleeping soundly. He did this about every 20 minutes for the rest of the night. I appreciate a good watch dog, but "Puppy" was especially vigilant. To ensure you were OK, "Puppy" would lick your face and wake you up. I am happy to report that no Zombies, Aliens or Sasquatches made it into the camp that night. Thank you "Puppy"! In the above pic Uncle Al, Bertram Buck and BB's sister Lima Juliet show off some of their hardware including 2 Saiga 12s and a Czech VZ-58.

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