Sunday, December 14, 2008

Load Bearing Gear

Finally got my web gear close to finished and thought I would post a pic of it. It is the ProTech I-RACK (Improved Ranger Assault Carrying Kit). I lengthened the shoulder straps so it would not hit me in the chin (using the existing strap slides) and added a longer belt and side release buckle in the back (from Strapworks who has great stuff, costs little and ships so fast that it is scary). It needed a longer belt to fit over my body armor, and it gives another release option since the zip off side panel can be hard to operate under stress. The vest came from US Cavalry ( and was on clearance for $20. Hard to beat that. I added 2 EMT pouches in Coyote Brown from Cheaper Than Dirt. On the right (in the picture) is my electronics pouch, featuring a micro light on a lanyard, a set of Tasco mini binoculars, AA and CR123 batteries and hopefully after Christmas a Garmin GPS (which will ride in a 5.11 Tactical GPS pouch in the front of the EMT pouch). On the left, the EMT pouch is used for a blowout kit. On the front, it features a Supply Captain ( MOLLE patch panel with one of their Medic Red Cross Velcro patches and a set of Velcro name tapes to let everyone with me know what it's for (might save my life). The blowout kit has Celox, Kerlix bandages, a compress, tape, forceps and a set of paramedic shears. Still need an Asheman Chest Seal and an Israeli bandage to complete it. In the center of the rig is my Gerber ASEK in it's MOLLE sheath, mounted upside down for quick access. To it's right (in the pic) is an Admin pouch with a flag, a name tape, and blood type and allergies Velcro patches (again, thanks Supply Captain). Inside the pouch are a red-lensed micro light and Silva Ranger Compass, both on lanyards, a Rite-in-the-Rain notebook, pens, pencil, several light sticks and a backup pocket knife. On the outside, the built in pouch features a Surefire G2 Nitrolon flashlight. Below the Admin Pouch is a Spec-Ops X-6 magazine pouch. It is designed for 6 30 round aluminum AR-15 mags, but only holds 5 of the Orlite mags I prefer (I also keep 1 in the rifle and 1 in a butstock pouch and an additional 6 mounted to the back of my rucksack for 13 total). The pouch came from LightHound ( who ships fast and is a great source for flashlight parts and paracord as well. I finished the rig off with a carabiner to clip my gloves on when I take them off. I prefer the IRACK because it has no back, so you can carry a Hydration pouch, a 3 day BOB, or a full rucksack with no interference. It is fairly easy to get on and off, carries all my needed gear and is comfortable to wear. Check it out if you are in the market for a great MOLLE rig.

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