Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year?

2008 was a doozie, and unless there is a drastic change in the world, 2009 should be even worse. Here are several things that are on my radar for the coming year:

1. Israel versus?. Israel is currently attacking Hamas in the Gaza Strip. This could be a simple retaliation measure, or it could be a move to secure Israel's flanks for a possible attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities. If Israel does intend to attack Iran, the need to make sure that they are not going to experience attacks from Hamas back home. Doubt it? They attacked Syria in 2008, remember? ***Editors note, Israel is still moving against Gaza as of Jan. 18th, although there is a temporary cease fire in place.

2. India versus Pakistan. India and Pakistan have both moved troops closer to their borders. My concern is that if India can find a link between the Pakistani government or military and the Mumbai terrorists, they will use it as a reason to attack Pakistan. Have no doubts that in the event of a full on war, it will go Nuclear very quickly. With prevailing winds, that spells trouble for the West Coast of the US in the form of fallout. ***Editors note, India has indeed supplied Pakistan with what they consider proof of Paki involvement in the Mumbai attacks, expect a retaliation by India at some point.

3. Terrorist Attack in the US. With the pending change in administration, Al-Quaeda could be emboldened to mount another attack on the US. It is quite possible that they expect a less severe response than they got in 2001, and in fact, with the splintering of Al-Quaeda Command and Control, they could be harder to strike now than they were then.

4. Economic meltdown in the US. With the sliding dollar, rising unemployment and a lack of faith in our government, a Great Depression style meltdown may indeed be on the horizon. The Federal Government just raised the amount of money that FDIC will cover, is the government expecting more bank failures? Will there be a run on banks? ***Editors note, As of Jan. 18th 2009 the economy continues to worsen, unemployement is up, housing starts and company profits continue to fall and now the Federal Government cannot completely account for the 70 Billion is has given to banks as part of the bailout.

5. Social Upheaval in the US. With possible fuel and food shortages (driven by weather or economics), how will the US citizenry react? Well, for the vast majority who are expecting the government to provide for them, I think they will react badly. If this situation develops, I expect food riots and widespread looting as disenfranchised sheeple panic and lash out. In addition, if President Obama does not pull the country out of the slump it is in quickly, I expect a backlash from his current supporters. He has been painted as a messiah or "The Chosen One", and if he cannot live up to that reputation, I expect fickle America to turn on him quickly. If that happens, we can expect Draconian measures from the US Government to "restore order". Expect your rights to be trampled on.

I wish I had great hope for 2009, but all I can muster is concern. I continue my preps and working within my support network to make sure we are all ready. I fervently hope it is not needed, but I just can't be sure.

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Jakeh Clark said...

We are certainly in the midst of uncertain times.