Thursday, February 5, 2009

Play with swine, get yourself muddy

Although I don't think my blogging was the primary cause, the deed was done regardless. Daschle admitted he was in bed with special interests and that, although he helped write this country's tax code, he saw no need to follow it. President Obama ate some more crow.
The list of "I owe you the election, so here's a job" candidates that President Obama has trotted out for cabinet positions is staggering. And mostly as dirty as the day is long. Daschle, Geithner, Pritzger, Richardson. Makes you wonder if he knows anyone not one the take.
And staffing his ranks with Clinton era rejects (including Hillary Clinton, remember the great job she did reforming Health Care) just goes to show you that he believes America truly yearns for a return to the days of Assault Weapon Bans, Waco, Ruby Ridge, ineffective Foreign Policy, WhiteWater and the Internet Start-Up Bubble. Days when an elitist, ineffectual Ivy League educated government attempted to subject middle America to some sort of abortive leftist social experiment.
If Americans had any gumption, they would get off the sofa, turn off American Idol and march on Washington, DC with pitchforks and torches. President Obama, his cabinet, most of Congress and the Stimulus Package deserve nothing less than a good tar and feathering, and a ride across the Potomac on a rail.

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