Saturday, January 3, 2009

MOLLE Bag Review

And what can you fit in this magical bag? Well, here is what I took to the MG Shoot:
(Not shown, 1 Nalgene bottle in neoprene cover carabaniered to outside)
1 pair Wiley X Tactical Goggles (clipped to outside of bag in their hard case)
2 Lightsticks
Leatherman Klick Multitool
Garmin Legend GPS
Spare AA batteries in a glow in the dark carrier
Lansky knife sharpener
Folding Auto Knife
Backup Pistol in holster
Winchester Hearing Protectors
And SEVEN, yes seven- count 'em, fully loaded Orlite AR-15 Magazines

I was pretty impressed, all the junk I needed and the bag was comfortable and durable. It won't serve every need (doesn't fit my laptop for instance), but for $10, with expansion capable MOLLE on the outside, it sure fits my ideal of a good buy. Pick your up today at .

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