Monday, January 26, 2009


The RB6 family went camping this weekend. Temps at our Bug Out Location ranged from the high to low 30's, but we didn't get an overnight freeze. Mrs. RipperBravo6 and Kid01 are bundled up in this pic, enjoying the day. As a concession to the weather, we actually took tents this time. Although it was uncomfortable for some, everyone agreed it was a good trip. Hot dogs and sausage on an open fire for lunch, some of Bertram Buck's famous pork chili for dinner and bacon and egg tacos for breakfast. It was good prep in case things get bad. Everyone realized they were capable of standing hardship much more than they thought. We put a few more survival skills under our belt and learned a few shortcuts. Most importantly, this allowed us to contemplate some changes to our gear and supplies. Inexpensive fleece blankets from Wal-Mart were especially nice. Get yourself a few as they are very packable and can be used as a poncho, sleeping pad or to line a sleeping bag. Stainless steel mugs are good for coffee and hot chocolate in the morning and are very easy to clean. Cast iron cooking gear is a pain to carry with you, but there is nothing better for cooking on an open fore. I suggest a frying pan, a small griddle and a medium dutch oven with lid at a minimum. We all discussed the possibility of putting up some more permanent structures on the site, such as small 2 bed cabins and an outhouse. We will see if we can get it going this spring. If you have not taken your family to the woods yet, get out there, it is a trip you will cherish for a long time!

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