Saturday, January 3, 2009

MOLLE Bag Review

Well, last year, I promised a review of the Diplomat MOLLE Ammo Bag I got from LA Police Gear. I finally had a chance to take it out to our big New Years MG Shoot near Houston. I loaded the bag up pretty good, tossed it in the backseat and hauled myself to the shoot. During the day, the bag was hauled up and down the line, dropped, stepped on and left lying in the mud. I can happily report no problems whatsoever! The bag is tough and durable and well designed. It had metal and plastic clips on the ample strap. I would have preferred all metal, but remember, I paid $9.99 for this bag! Inside, one side of the bag is covered completely in female Velcro for a holster or additional pouches, and there are two large pockets as well. Each pocket can hold 4 AR-15 Magazines. Overall, I was very impressed.

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