Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drop Down Leg Rig

On the right Drop Down Leg Rig, a Condor holster holds a Glock 17. The holster is well made, with PALS webbing on either side, making it reversible for you lefties out there. It also has PALS webbing on the front, which allows you to attach the included single mag pouch. This would be good if the holster was to be carried on a belt. Myself, I removed it since I have plenty of mags on the other leg and used the pouch to hold a Surefire G2 on my Tactical Briefcase. All Condor mag pouches have Velcro adjustable lids which allow you to use longer or shorter items in them with equal safety. The holster has a Velcro adjustable thumb break as well as an additional bungee cord to further secure your sidearm. I have augmented this set up with 2 Tactical Tailor multi tool pouches with Fastex buckles. I wanted the buckles to secure smaller items that might come loose. Mounted in front of the holster on the panel itself is the pouch containing my Leatherman Klick multi tool. Mounted on the holster in an easily drawable pouch is a folding auto knife. It is easily retrievable for utility of self defense use. The panel secures to the rigger belt with foldover Velcro pieces and is very secure. It is also easily detachable due to a large Fastex buckle. It secures to your thigh with 2 adjustable straps featuring Fastex buckles. I have found it both comfortable and practical.

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